Arkos Wiki Documentation


Accept payments anywhere with a universal solution.


Arkos is a state-of-art solution that serves secure payment acceptance services and can be deployed into any topologies, whatever the context and the constraints (operational, environment, system architecture, devices), with a minimum of adaptations and by reducing merchants’ costs and risks.

Arkos provides merchants with a solution supporting payment card processing and additional features such as configuration, online processing, batch processing, UI management…

Arkos is defined at a global level so that there is no hypothesis made on:

  • The type of merchants using it,

  • The type of platforms running it,

  • The surrounding physical architectures, and the business/regulatory contexts (technologies, regions, security schemes, business processes, …)


  • Arkos is defined as a payment solution that can be deployed following different physical models (alias typologies) with a minimum of adaptations;

  • The goal is to supply an appropriate product by reducing merchants’ costs and risks.

This section of the Wiki is meant to help technical teams to integrate, and to implement payment solutions using Arkos. It provides a global perspective of the framework.

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