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EMV Level 2

Card Processing

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EMV Level 3

Payment Acceptance


Terminal Management

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Amadis Project

The company’s strategy was defined based on a research synthesis project presenting the lack of structuring in the Chip Card based electronic payment acceptance industry. Our consulting activities and software project activities are all focused on promoting the adoption of standards, a global understanding of local requirements and the alignment with State of the Art software practices.

Amadis Strategy

  • To participate in the changes in the payment industry by promoting a new vision to all stakeholders (payment networks, retailers/acceptors, solutions suppliers, processors, acquirers and issuers)

  • To reduce system integration, operational issues and costs through standardization

  • To develop innovative solutions based on design and analysis, leveraging technologies, software state of the art practices and design patterns

  • To drive structuring and innovation through customer projects

Amadis Values

  • We are software editor

  • We challenge the status quo

  • In our customers' best interests

Amadis Frameworks

Amadis develops and maintains 3 different frameworks covering the acceptance side each dedicated to a specific area pertaining to the payment industry.



Agnos, an EMV Level 2 Card Processing software

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Arkos, an EMV Level 3 Payment Acceptance software

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Atheos, a Terminal Management software

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