COVID-19: A message to the Amadis global family

A message from Emmanuel Haydont, Amadis CEO:



Amadis global family,

As we all prioritize the health and safety of our family, colleagues, and clients, our team wants to ensure you that we are taking precautions to provide continued support of your business needs during this battle against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

Your organizational needs will continue to be supported at the same levels you have been accustomed to as part of the Amadis ecosystem, and as your clients adjust to cope with the demands of the pandemic, our team will be available to work with you to ensure your processing remains secure.

Please continue to reach out to your account liaisons, as we continue to deliver at our premium levels of service.

As you are being impacted by COVID-19, please contact the Amadis team if we can assist in your support plan. We are prepared to help you find a solution to meet your business needs as you require.

The Amadis team thanks you for your business, and for placing your trust with us. During this impactful time, we continue to provide the confidence and peace of mind you require from your payments partner.

As the world adjusts to the current health climate, the Amadis team sends our sincerest wishes for your teams to remain in the best of health and safety.


Emmanuel Haydont, Amadis CEO